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This guy hired a hooker for kinky S&M stuff and now Bass is whipping him and the biggest sexual tension in the room is still by far the sexual tension between Bass and Miles.

But seriously look at how cute they are. And look at how Bass knows exactly what to do to get one of those rare Miles smiles. And not just a snarky sarcastic smile… A real, genuine smile.

The hooker has known them for under a minute and even she can see the sexual tension. I wonder if she gave them the whip to use at home later…

Kripke: kills ben

Kripke: kills maggie

Kripke: kills Bass' family

Kripke: Kills Jeremy

Kripke: Kills Danny

Kripke: kills Emma

Kripke: Kills Nora

Kripke: kills Jason

Kripke: kills Randall

Kripke: kills lots of other characters

Revolution Fandom: I came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now